What do you think is the first thing a guest checks when they check into a hotel?

Basically, guests always check the level of cleanliness and tidiness before check-in to a hotel because; cleanliness always plays a major factor when booking a hotel.

So if you are the manager or owner of a hotel, you should probably make housekeeping your hotel’s top priority.

And why, you ask?

Professionally trained staff

When you outsource a housekeeping service, you get to enjoy the service of a highly skilled professional staff. The level of expertise that comes with outsourced services helps upgrade ones industry standards. This way, the client is able to focus on offering a client the best customer experience.

No need for expensive equipment

Imagine hiring a company that comes with its own equipment? It reduces the cost of buying new equipment for the hotel as well as training staff in comparison to simply just outsourcing a housekeeping department. This solely eliminates the need for equipment storage space.

Value- added services

Cleaning is just but an aspect of housekeeping duties. Cleaning companies such as IFOR, offer services around carpet and window cleaning, swimming pool cleaning, laundry, and many other services.

IFOR housekeeping duties

IFOR Housekeeping within the hotel rooms includes –

Let us get you crisp sheets, clean towels as well as an immaculate room by simply outsourcing us to get the job done for you by simply dropping us a message on info@iforcleaning.com or call 0728670835

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