Just like it is important to brush our teeth every day, so is cleaning our homes which can be exhausting since it is a daily routine. As the adage goes, Cleanliness comes before Godliness, then it is important to keep our homes clean to ensure that we lead a healthy and hygienic life. In my blog today, I will talk about five things you need to clean daily in order to keep our homes tidy.

  1. Kitchen utensils, counters and sinks

The kitchen should be the cleanest place in your home since that is where all the cooking magic happens. On the contrary, most of the time we find that our kitchens are a mess, crowded and stuffy. This maybe because of dirty dishes, clogged sinks and dirty counters. A dirty kitchen can be demoralizing and smelly hence the importance of cleaning the dirty dishes, counters and sinks to make the kitchen feel clean. It is also advisable that you wash the kitchen towels daily using soap and running water.

  1. Bathroom sinks and floors

The bathroom one of the moistest places in our homes due to the presence of running water. As a result, the floors and surface easily build up scum and become slippery which may result to accidents. Additionally, while we all brush our teeth in our bathroom sinks it is important to clean the sinks to prevent unpleasant smalls and remove glued toothpaste globs on the sink surface. Furthermore, this will reduce damages and the cost of maintenance. Lastly, clean bathrooms assures you good health since there are less chances of infections and diseases.

  1. Making your bed

While this is more of a pickup task rather than a cleaning task, it gives your house a tidy look. They say that making your bed is the first task you get to accomplish daily and gives you a sense of pride. Moreover, it motivates you to do your daily tasks one after another until you accomplish them. A well-made bed makes you feel relaxed while sleeping on it or even by just staring at it.

  1. Carpet and floors

Our homes are exposed to dust and dirt particles from the environment around us and at a time we find ourselves spilling liquids which stain the floors and carpets. It is important to understand that dirty floors and carpets can cause allergies, infections and diseases. The stains made do not have to become permanent if we clean them daily. Additionally, cleaning our floors and dusting the carpets daily keeps them safe to walk on and even sit on without the fear of getting any health complications.

  1. Kitchen trash

While we focus on cleaning our dishes and sinks, it is also important that we take out kitchen trash to avoid breeding house pests and causing unpleasant odors in our kitchens. Roaches and mice breed well in places dirty kitchens where there are food scraps allover. Additionally, it is economical to buy a trash bag rather than trying to get rid of the pests after they infest your kitchen. Therefore, do not let filled trash cans sit in your kitchen overnight.


In sum, it is important that we keep our homes clean and tidy to maintain good hygiene. Additionally, this reduces the cost of maintenance and the utility bills. As we clean our homes it is important that we ensure that our kitchen sinks, counter and dirty dishes are washed daily. Moreover, we should clean our bathrooms and tidy up our beds every day. Furthermore, ensure that our carpets and floors are clean to avoid infections and allergies. Lastly it is important that we take our kitchen trash out daily.